Some Links on Science and Religion

Thabiti blogs about a project to explore the intersection between Pentecostalism and Science. I’m curious as to what this research might entail. While I believe that science necessarily excludes supernatural hypotheses, there is room for it to examine the natural effects of the supernatural. The link between the supernatural causes and the natural effects, while reasonable for those with faith, is itself not scientific. For example, scientists could describe speaking in tongues according to grammatical structure, and analyse the regions of the brain that are active while it occurs, it is up to people speaking theologically (rather than scientifically) to discuss whether the phenomena is caused by the Holy Spirit.

Justin Taylor links to a Mark Driscoll post answering questions about Creation, and results in some interesting debate in his comments section on the interpretation of Gen 1,2 in the light of science.

The Island of Doubt has a post on 2 recent magazine items related to science and religion, while Uncertain Principles links to another such article from Phyiscs Today.

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  1. paul lobo Says:

    hey phillip
    i did not see a guest book still, so i’m typing in here
    like it, am going through his critique of deb maken’s book…

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