Blog Discussion [Updated 1 Oct ’06]

There is a blog discussion that has been going on regarding the pursuit of marriage, in particular between Debbie Maken and theologian and author Andreas Köstenberger, with others involved in the issue also making comments. Köstenberger’s view is not as far from Maken’s as others, particularly on the nature of the “gift”, and amidst the disagreements there have been highlighted some important points of agreement.Andreas Köstenberger wrote this post in which he references Debbie Maken in his first paragraph and goes on to explain his different opinion. He closes disagreeing again with Maken’s view and linking to a couple of his books and a negative review of Maken’s book as further reading.

This led Maken to set up a blog where she posted her response to the Köstenberger post, including a response to a section of the Courtney review, and a reassertion of a lot of her beliefs on the issue.

Köstenberger made a further response to Maken’s post, in which he pointed out that his post was mainly intended to be a summary of the chapter from his book on the subject, rather than a review of Maken’s book.

Parableman reflected on Köstenberger’s first post here.

Carolyn McCulley’s reference to Köstenberger’s first post elicited comments that included 2 comments from Köstenberger.

Carolyn McCulley made this post mentioning her concern with the level of Christian dialogue in blogs, before introducing Köstenberger’s second post. She says she that though her perspective is different to Maken’s, conversation should be charitable. She intends to finish her review of Maken’s book soon. She emphasises agreement on the importance of marriage.

Alex Chediak (author of With One Voice) posted this open letter to Köstenberger in response to his second post in which he asks for clarification on a couple of points and makes some other points of his own and asks for response.

Köstenberger has responded to Chediak’s letter in the comments to his second article.

Maken has written another post discussing comments about the tone of the debate. She quotes a comment to McCulley’s second post.

Chediak has read Köstenberger’s chapter, however he has removed his response from his blog.

Maken has written what she expects to be her concluding remarks in her exchange with Köstenberger. She says that they agree they won’t agree on the issue. Her response essentially outlines how her view leads her to disagree with what Köstenberger has said.

Chediak has had an article published at the boundless webzine that is well worth a read. In his blog post referring to it he links to his first open letter and Köstenberger’s second article (indicating some level of support for it).

Köstenberger has produced a third article where he systematically responds to Maken’s latest post, and lists the issues that he made that she didn’t respond to. This led to a spirited dialogue in the comments, including a couple from Köstenberger (here and here). At the time of this update Maken has not responded publicaly, though she has continued with her blog, her posts after Köstenberger’s concentrating on other criticisms, though still reaffirming her basic position.

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One Comment on “Blog Discussion [Updated 1 Oct ’06]”

  1. Elnwood Says:

    This “gift of singleness / celibacy” issue certainly has taken off like a rocket, hasn’t it? Back in the day when we were discussing and debating it, almost nobody was writing on the topic.

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