Roman Catholicism Continues to Support Evolution

The Roman Catholic Church officially endorses the theory of evolution as scientific fact, while acknowledging God’s hand behind it. Recent events had led some people to think that it was in the process of changing its view on this towards supporting Intelligent Design, but as this article shows, this is not the case. [HT: John Wilkins]

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One Comment on “Roman Catholicism Continues to Support Evolution”

  1. elnwood Says:

    “Charles Darwin’s theory of evolution has long been rejected in the United States by conservative Christians who want to have a Bible-based view of creation taught in public schools, where the church-state separation bars the teaching of religion.”

    I get so angry at articles that put such lies in print, and this from the Religious Editor of Reuters. Nearly every public university has a religion department! The First Amendment does NOT bar the teaching of religion in public schools! It says that Congress can’t pass laws respecting an establishment of religion, i.e. you can’t have an official United States church, in contrast to the Church of England.

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