To date or not to date: that is the question…

I wrote this, enjoy!

To date or not to date: that is the question:
Whether ’tis better in this day to follow
The teaching of him who kissed dating goodbye,
Or to give dating a chance as others say,
And by opposing Harris? To hurt: to harm;
No more; and by to harm we mean
The heart-ache and the thousand selfish acts
The flesh inclines to, ’tis a situation
Devoutly to be shunned. To hurt, to harm;
To harm: but is it so: ay, there’s the rub;
For with due care and clear intent cannot
Wise boundaries protect the daters’ hearts?
But let us pause to now respect
The father’s role as God has so decreed;
To be his daughter’s true authority,
Until such time as he release his charge,
To one approved by him that she would take;
And so ’till then his oversight remains
Applied to matters of such personal import
With such a duty should he trysting ban
Where there is no intent to ascertain
If it should lead to leaving Neverland?
So through the scripture men have sought to find,
Support for dating or another way,
Some say that courtship only be therein,
In principle, though not in narrative
And does God’s word teach me the way to go?
Indeed! For now at last I am resolved
To act as Abraham for Issac did,
To send a servant to my kith and kin,
And there find me a wife.

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2 Comments on “To date or not to date: that is the question…”

  1. Somebody Says:

    I hear elders are helpful in finding a wife. 😉

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