New Category – Scones!

I’ve added scones to my tagline making it ‘Science, Statistics, Singleness and Scones, Spiritually Speaking.’ I’m using scones to represent all things British, including some of my favourite baking recipes. For more British cookery online, I would suggest Delia. Also, the blog Baking For Britain which looks at recipes from around the UK seems interesting from an initial glance.

I was born in England to a Scottish dad and Irish mum, where I lived until coming to the US a few years ago for grad school. I don’t have a particular sense of either of the UK or US being home, but I do have a very strong sense of being British, though not having any English blood I don’t consider myself English now that I don’t live in England (though I support them in sport). I’ve hosted several British Bashes since I’ve got here, where I’ve shared things like fish and chips, scones, irn bru, Scottish dancing and cricket.

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