Mohler Quotes

These extended quotes were in this post, but their inclusion made the post rather long so I’ve removed most of them from that post and I’m leaving the full quotes here.

Verse 24 [of Gen 2] shows us that the idea of marriage here, to become man joined to a wife…. That should be the normative expectation for a man to leave his mother and father and become husband to his wife. If we had nothing else in scripture, if this is all that scripture said about marriage we would know this: that is the boilerplate default expectation, what normality looks like…scripture is absolutely transparent….

The apostle Paul was unmarried, but he instructed Timothy that he should marry…Is Paul here saying that the default position should be celibacy? No, that would set him over apart from scripture. It does say, as he is writing to a Corinthian church in gross confusion that celibacy is a special gift. Now very quickly let me say this, that there is no scriptural category of singleness. There is married and celibate. That’s the biblical picture. You are called to one or the other. If you are called to be celibate, Paul says, you are not called to be celibate in order that you can put in more hours at the office and be a free agent in society. Paul says that if you are called to be celibate to the glory of God, you are called to service in the kingdom in such a way that your totality of being is fulfilled in that calling.

How do you know if you are celibate? Well the apostle Paul makes it very clear negatively. No you are not celibate if you are burning with passion, as we shall later see in 1 Corinthians chapter 7. If you are free from that passion…[i]t does mean that for the glory of God, by the calling of God, you have been given a special gift and that gift is to be employed into service in the kingdom. It will free you, if it is the authentic gift, to be even more effective in special service….

Singleness is a married-to-be person who is not yet married… If you are an adult and you are not married and you are not called to celibacy, you need to get married. That is a short summary of the text. A central mark of adulthood is being married….The last enemy of marriage is delay. What does it say about a young man or woman who resists marriage, and is not even looking for marriage?….What does it mean if we are not aiming for marriage as an act of Christian discipleship? What does it mean that we a resisting that which is the normative understanding of how we are to live out holiness before God in the covenant of marriage. [Emphasis mine.]


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